Do You Take Action?

do you take action

Writing my article a couple of weeks ago on Internal Marketing to your team, I finished with a wry bit of self-reflection by posting the rather bleak view Kiri had to look out on. In line with practising what we preach the below shows a marked improvement:

A few reflections on this project:

Err on the generous side when estimating time required.

Jobs that need doing are often more involved, and require more effort, than first meets the eye – plan contingency time. Scraping the door down and sanding it took longer and ended up with almost all the paint coming off.

Can you make it fun? When we decided to do the door as a seaside scene it turned a job that could have been seen as a chore into something that became enjoyable and memorable.

Can you involve other team members and make it a team exercise? We did and it has been great to have the project as a talking point.

What other projects need to be planned to be done? This has caused us to stop and plan other projects which will happen as part of a plan rather than a spontaneous project.

Involving the team to identify projects, suggest solutions and work on projects creates an action orientated culture. People look for areas that need action. They look and think through solutions.

They get involved in making it happen. This ownership and action flows through a team and creates a culture that creates a brand that leads to a company’s reputation. Start internally. Define who you want to be and be that in every way you can and that is who you will become!