Feel like taking a break?

finish strong

How well are you capturing and converting your leads to sales?  Have you ever noticed that there is sometimes a tendency to ease off and slow down towards the end of the year?  The feeling that Christmas is coming, the summer holidays are soon, can lull us into a false sense of security.  How close are you to reaching your annual goal for this year?  Is your pipeline full of opportunities?  

Will you be able to take a break, knowing you’ve done all you can to succeed this year?
Without sales, you do not have a business.  To get sales, we need to have qualified leads.  To get those leads, we need to be doing effective marketing.  Here are five tips to help you finish the year off with a focused effort.  

- Ask your best clients for testimonials and referrals. 
- Share your successes and highlights, ideally through some case studies.
- Call on your best clients and thank them for the work this year.  Also ask them what next year is looking like for them so that you can ensure you are adequately prepared to set yourself up for success.
- Follow up your quotes.  Be diligent, focused, tenacious and relentless at follow-up.  Let other people start to relax too early, but make sure that you take every opportunity to win every order you can.  
- Do a survey of what went well and what one thing you could improve or start doing next year. Question internally of your team, as well as externally of your clients.

Sometimes we need a motivational boost; a moment to pause, refocus, and re-energise.  To this end, Think Right offers two short and highly engaging courses to give you a boost to finish the year strong.  If you need a boost,  ask us to come and deliver it to your team in-house.  (If you meet the criteria, these courses are eligible for NZT&E funding.)

If you want to grow your business, it can only grow to the level of your team’s skill and ability.  Marketing and sales need to happen internally as well as externally to create a culture that puts the customer first.  There are less than forty working days until Christmas - go hard and...“fill the last remaining minutes with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run.”