Stop. Breathe. Reflect. LEARN

Stop. Breathe, Reflect. LEARN
Another year gallops
towards the strike of midnight, 
heralding in yet another new year.

What has this year been like for you?
Given a choice would you repeat it?
Have you decided what you want next year to look like?

As I stop and look back on another ‘best year of my life to date’, I thought I would share how I reflect and LEARN in my goal of making every moment in every day, every week, every month and year exceptional.

Look back at the year that has been and consider your highlights, lowlights and what your medium has been. While there is a lot to be learnt in highs and lows, it is the “normal” that we live at, that most affects our every day. What is your ‘normal’? Do you like yourself? Is your mind your friend?

Enjoying experiences makes life a pleasure to live. What do you enjoy? What have you enjoyed most this year? How will you ensure you get more of what you enjoy in the year coming? This year I have enjoyed weekends at home, motivational speaking to 1000’s of school kids around the world, focusing my business on strategy sessions and training that works. My family is amazing, I got to travel with my wonderful wife, I finally saw my brother after 16 years, we released ourfirst e-book,  we started our Learning BITES video series - these are all things I intend to do more of. (Wistia link here)

Altering what did not go so well starts with accepting responsibility for one’s actions. As I look back on 2015, I see missed opportunities, occasions where I have not practised “best practise”, getting caught up in ‘busyness’ rather than focusing on business.  2016 will see me more intentional, deliberate, focused and planned. I will outsource more (using web and local teams like Identify), we will plan and follow through more carefully and value our time more. What about you - what needs to change in 2016? What do you need to reprioritise? What have you learnt from the tough experiences of this year?

Remember the old axiom “If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.”

Repeat what worked. You made it through 2015 - you must have done some things well - what were these? One of my favourite expressions is “Analyse success and repeat it”. For us it has been holding to standards and valuing what we offer even when it initially might mean passing up on work. Blogging weekly on LinkedIn has been something I have enjoyed and made great connections. If you could pick 3 things that worked this year what would they be? What are you doing to ensure you do these next year, or maybe even do more of them? Are you measuring what works and do you know where you need to keep focusing for 2016?

New actions get new results. If you want different results it requires taking different actions and this takes thinking differently. In analysing all of the above we have realised that Think Right is predominantly a training company so we changed our tagline to “Business training that works”. In reviewing feedback and testimonials our ability to focus on mindset is at the core of the success we achieve with sustainable improvements people experience from our training.  This has given new overall and underpinning focus as we go into 2016. There are 3 core steps to successful change:

Right Thinking > Right Action > Right Results

This simple and effective structure will underpin all our service offerings. What new concepts, products, approaches, ideas do you need to consider and pursue? What new skills do you and your team need this coming year? 

Invest some time in your future success this week. Stop. Pause. Reflect and LEARN.

"Once you stop learning, you start dying" ~ Albert Einstein