Simple way to increase your training ROI (Return On Investment)

Increase training ROI

Training is a multi billion dollar market. estimated training to be over $320 billion worldwide not including the personal development market.

What do you invest in your people?

Do you invest more in maintaining and developing your buildings and infrastructure or in your people?

Would you consider your business a learning organisation?

Organisations can only grow to the level of their teams and many companies claim their staff as one of their biggest points of difference. Larger organisations invest more in their staff training as a % of turnover than smaller ones (perhaps the reason why they are larger?). Do you do personal development plans for your team?  Is learning part of your culture?  Do you measure the effectiveness of your training?

There are lots of ways to be effective –  my goal is to give you the best of the ones I know ( if you want them, of course! I’ll be emailing these to my LinkedIN connections - so let me know)  A Navy Seal quote inspired me this year to do more.

I have always wanted the hallmark of my training to be the fact that people take action and see positive results.  

When I read this: “Many people live with the illusion that you will ‘rise to the occasion’ when the reality is that under pressure you sink to the level of your training”, for days all I could think was “How can I better help busy, stretched, pressured people to be efficiently and effectively equipped?” I already do this through motivational speaking and business training and have focused this year on delivering training that is effective under pressure. Now I am pleased to compliment our training with Learning BITES™ (Brilliant Intuitive Training Enabling Success). 


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Let us know what you think of our first of our Learning BITES video - and if you like the  taste of success, stay with us for more action-based investment into your business. If you are not already getting our training tips emailed to you please send us an email.