Recipe for Sales

Sales Success

Do You Have a Plan(s)?

Is it a life plan, business plan, marketing plan?

Do you have a deliberate plan to make sales in your business?


Without sales you do not have a business. Many businesses focus on their sales figure and while this is good, in isolation, it is a very reactive measurement. If you get to the end of the month and you have not sold, there is nothing you can do about it. Sales needs constant focus and not just the figure of “sales made” but also the more proactive measurements that lead to sales.

Sales occur as a result of activity that happens before the sale is made. Do you know your key steps in your sales process? The time it takes between steps and the ratio of conversion? The below funnel shows 3 common steps: Enquiry/Lead followed by an appointment which leads to a quote and then a sale.

Understanding this can help in a number of ways. Firstly it can ensure you are constantly feeding the funnel and, secondly, over time you can tweak and adjust to turn your funnel into a pipeline, saving time, energy and resources.

How do you mix up your lead generation? 
Do you plan to secure quality leads consistently?

Consider what techniques you are using in your strategy to guarantee leads keep flowing into your business:

  1. Key Account Management - typically built on strong relationships through call cycles, information sharing, R&D involvement; activity based monitoring, measurement and management
  2. Client calling plans and strategies - typically using the phone and face to face visits. Technology like Skype; GTM and allow face to face meeting without leaving the office
  3. Referral marketing - asking for leads and creating campaign to leverage more leads
  4. Web Marketing including websites, blogging, Adwords, social media
  5. Networking including Trade shows, expos, work events
  6. Traditional marketing routes like T.V., radio, magazines, flyers
  7. PR, sponsorship, billboards, corporate clothing and gifting

Are you are like most businesses - doing some of the above with little certainty to what is actually working? The 80/20 principle probably applies - 80% of your lead generation comes from 20% of your efforts - Take this action today: “Work out what is working for you.” Your funnel holds the key to your success.

If you would like understand, analyse or streamline your sales funnel do feel free to get in touch - we love helping people to be successful!