Hit the phones, the street, the database

know who you are best set up to serve
Do your sales have a pumping heart?
Do you have a reliable circulatory system?
Are you feeding and nurturing the heart of your business?

Without sales you do not have a business. In some way, shape, matter, kind or form, people need to hear about your offering and care enough to want a piece of it and/or be a part of it. This article has 6 keys to feeding your funnel (skip to the end if you do not have time to read). There are 3 key parts to feeding sales -

  1. Knowing who you are best setup to serve - i.e. Who is your ideal client?
  2. Knowing how to get a message to them that will connect, resonate and appeal - often called a route to market.
  3. Taking the continuous action of connecting and appealing to this market - Grab their attention, stimulate their interest and desire to the point where they make an enquiry.

Change is the only constant, and technology ensures that the constant change keeps happening at an ever increasing pace.  Key questions for you: Are you still relevant? Will you be relevant in 1-2-5-10 years time?  Another question:

Are you still hungry for work; 
still caring as much as you used to; 
ever improving your service?

Remember if you are not, others will be. The reason so many start ups succeed despite all the odds is often because they care more, listen more and respond quicker, leaving older more established market players asking if they really are still connected.

Feeding your sales funnel should be a constant process, as natural as your heart beating. For some businesses they have locked in contracts, others repeat business, for some it is a mixture of repeat and new and for some every order is new. Whatever model of business you have built, they all need people coming back and/or people finding you in order to purchase your offering.

Your funnel holds the key to your success.

Feed it continuously

Understand the leads to ensure they are qualified

Never stop - regulate the flow by all means, but don’t stop it.

New leads ensure sustained business growth and greater stability

Engage client the whole way through - build relationships to bring them back

Learn what works and repeat it and tweak,change or stop what is not working

Know you who are best set up to serve and then serve them so well they do not even think to look elsewhere.