Winning Teams have ACTION Focus

Winning Teams have action focus

All Blacks. Poetry in motion. Stunning Achievement. History made!

So many accolades pouring forth for the world's best rugby team. Waking early to watch them and leaping out of my chair to shout encouragement as the All Blacks won back to back victories is as memorable as it was 4 years ago (albeit not as heart stopping as that last 20 minutes against France!). It was not the on field play that inspired this blog though, it was the interviews afterwards.

The grace and humility shown by every interviewed player and coach was an insight into what it takes to be the best.

“I don’t believe in magic. I believe in hard work!” – Richie McCaw summed up what it takes to get and stay on top – hard work and a dedication to excellence by the whole team.  There are so many people involved in winning – we often only see the people on the field, just like our clients only see our people on the front line. To win we all need to work as one.

Does your team operate with a unity that allows it to work as one?
Are there tensions that distract from the important?
Do you waste time and energy worrying about hitting sales targets?

Lots of people spend a lot of time worrying in business. Steve Hansen squarely put worry in its place: “Worry is a waste of emotion!”. The worst enemy of worry is Action! What actions do you need to take to win in the arena you are playing in? Here are 6 ways to apply an ACTION focus to your team:

Agree on the goal as a whole team. When the whole team buys into the goal they can focus on it and work towards it. The day after beating France the AB’s agreed the focus was winning the next Rugby World Cup.

Clearly analyse the steps required to get to the goal. Agree who will do what, by when. Know that for an action to happen you need a person and a time to act to meet an agreed deadline.

Train hard and trust your team. Train before the event. In sales, for example, do not practise on your clients, be in front of them focused and ready to add value through your sale.

Identify key milestones. Take time to stop, reflect, learn and move forward wiser.

Operate like a winning team in all parts of business. Communicate well and often. Ensure there is continuous feedback and that way you can operate like One team, one machine!

Now is the time to start. Don’t waste emotion, or time, or energy on things that will not take you closer to your goal. Focus and take action!