Sales is a Process - know it, work it, succeed in it!

Your sales process in a dozen Questions!

Sales is a process

Sales is a process.
It is not scary, or sleazy or startling, it is simply a process. A customer has a desire, need, requirement and the sales person helps them to find the best product, service, outcome and result.

When we simplify our sales process, and when marketing does its job well by providing highly qualified leads, the role of sales can be simplified down to that of an order taker. Look at McDonalds,, or any self serve supermarket which all provide classic examples of this truism.

Remember the golden principle of sales (and life actually):

The easier you make it to do anything the more people will do it! So what about your sales process? Do you even know what it is? Do you understand the steps in the journey you take customers on? In my experience far too many sales reps have little to no understanding of their sales process and even less of their KPI’s and core conversion ratios. How do you fare? See how many of the dozen questions below you can confidently answer:

How long is your average sales process?

What steps make up your sales process?

Who is responsible for the activity required at each step?

What is your conversion ratio between each step?

What products or services make up most of your sales?

What is your expected average GP per product and per rep?

Which customers make up most of your sales and turnover?

What is your split between repeat and new business?

What % of your sales result in a successful referral?

How do you manage key accounts?

Do you have a sales call cycle that is being managed?

What sales factors do you measure other than your actual sales figure?

Within each of these questions lie several more questions that allow one to refine and improve their sales process. Before attempting to explore these to any depth it is necessary to understand your particular sales process. Examine your sales process and if it could do with some fine tuning I invite you to join me as I share insights through my next series of blogs based on years of working with organisations and sales reps.

Sales is the fuel every organisation needs to continue to move forward. Understand how your sales process works and “Drive Your Sales.”