5 Elements of Marketing

Is your marketing working?

Need more Qualified Leads?


This highly interactive and fun workshop explains what marketing is, how it works and, most importantly, how to get YOUR marketing to work for you! Generate qualified leads in a sustainable and effective way. 


5 Elements of Marketin

Create an understanding of Marketing and develop a draft marketing strategy outline- What it is, what it involves and how to effectively get marketing to work in generating qualified leads for your business. Identify what marketing will work best for you and develop the skills for managing each step with greater confidence and professionalism leading to steady stream of qualified leads. 


What is Marketing - understanding what it is, how it fits into the overall business strategy, learning what we can from larger organisations and how the theory can be applied for a small to medium enterprise (SME) 

How does it work - Learn how to layout marketing content in your website, emails, e-newsletters, flyers and adverts following basic AIDA principle. We will do a quick acid check of your website and also draft a flyer/advert.

Understanding the markets you serve - The better you understand your customer the better you can serve them. We will develop one of your Target Customer Profiles (TCP) within you Target Market pool and explore strategies to 'talk' specifically to this group of prospective clients.

Point Of Difference (POD) & WIIFM - Learn how to stand out and get people to pay attention to your message. Explore how to best develop the answers to the question "Why should I choose you?"

How do you communicate - Explore your most effective "routes to market" to ensure you get a ROI of the time and money you invest into your marketing. We will discuss social media vs traditional methods and how these work together. We will also look at ongoing client management and how to make this part of you plan

Plan your success - with all these points considered we will draft your calendar for the year ahead


At the end of the training you will have a clear understanding of Marketing, how it works and tools to get marketing to work for you. You will have outlined your POD, how to apply WIIFM and have an appreciation of the key elements needed in a good marketing plan. Additionally you will also have a basic 12 month plan to focus your efforts and activities.


This is a half day/4 hour course with the option of doing an additional 4 hour strategy session should you wish to develop the marketing plan in more depth


This is eligible for NZT&E funding giving you up to 50% matched funding 

3 options:

Basic option is a standalone 1/2 day - $2000 *NZT&E registered

Full day option with the creation of a basic marketing plan - $4000 NZT&E registered

Recommended option is the supported 2 x 1/2 day split training. Investment is $4000 (please check to see if you would qualify for an up to 50% NZT&E subsidy) I recommend this as it allows training to be reinforced and supported. Following the first half day training there is reasonable support as people work on their action points before the second 1/2 day of training.  This can either be face to face or delivered via webinar (it is possible to do 2 x 2hr webinars to further enhance the accountability and support). All our training is covered by the Think Right Triple guarantee